My name is Mary. I have a 5 year old English Bulldog, named Sir E.H. Landseer...we call him Landsee. His breed makes grooming a big need, not just a want. He has many issues, so pretty much a special needs dog. He's quite a handful and because of his problems, he's been asked not to come back to quite a few groomers.

We live in a remote area, in the Gold Country, in Northern California. The nearest town, where there is any decent shopping, or a groomer, is 45 minutes away. Landsee doesn't travel well. One of his issues is a keen dislike of any collar or leash.

It is really a trial to get him on a leash. When we finally get to the groomers, he usually gets so upset, that he has to be held by 2 people, just to get him into the tub and scrub him. You can't use a water hose, because his eyesight is so messed up he thinks it's attacking him, so a 3rd person fills and dumps a bucket of water over him.

He has a soft palate issue, which makes breathing a problem. He will be struggling so hard just to breathe, that he'll turn bright pink in the face, his tongue goes dark, and it will cause him choke, until he starts vomiting and then gets diarrhea...all over the place. Forget blow drying him, cleaning his ears, nose rope or trimming his nails!

We usually leave soaking wet, clothes covered in everything, as he frantically pulls on his leash, tripping me all the way back to my car, for the exhaustive drive home. (You should see the fur, that doesn't come out of my car seats, no matter how hard I vacuum.) When I go to make another appointment, with that groomer, I'm usually told they are booked up...forever.

I found a new mobile groomer in my area and was so pleased when they came out to me! I'd never heard of your product before, but now I see what it can do, and I know I need one bad!

I've never seen him so well behaved! He was still attempting to climb out of the tub, but not really hard. She even had a leash on him, that he wasn't attacking!  She put that Happy Hoodie on him and he just calmed. It was a beautiful thing! It was like a miracle to me.

I've tried every "calming" treat, jacket, mist, CBD, thing out there. My vet has prescribed medicine to calm him. None of that worked! Your product is just incredible!

I don't know what size they used. He's only 43 pounds, but has a Bulldog head. Lol I've attached pictures for you.

Thank you soooooo much, for giving my dog calmness. :)
We thank Mary for sharing this great story!  We also want to thank her awesome and talented groomer for using Happy Hoodie to help make Landsee's grooming experience stress free!!
                  Brie from Charlotte, NC wrote with this story that we found quite entertaining as well!

I heard about happy hoodies over the last year in several Facebook groups and I was skeptical bc no way could a product be that good.  Well I finally broke down and they came in 3 days ago.  Today it was put to ultimate test.  I am a mobile groomer and have a regular German Shepherd that is just petrified of the dryer no matter what I do.  He will do alligator death rolls thrash and to be honest I've never fully gotten him dry.  Until today!  I put the happy hoodie on and he was laying down on the table like a good ol pancake.  Started up the dryer readying myself for the thrashing to begin.  When we started he just laid there and I was like ok I can get a lot done with this and after a few moments he went to a sitting position on his own accord and was so good even around his chest and neck and underneath! I decided when I dried all that I could from that position I would slightly nudge him to stand and he did with no fuss and stood there like a pro while i got his back end! I was in total shock! His mom was thrilled bc he also let me dremel a few of his nails as well before he decided he had had enough.  This was so much more than we ever accomplished before and has made me a true believer of the happy hoodie! I immediately sent a message to my manager telling him we need this on all our vans! I wish i had "broken down" and purchased these way earlier! Thank you so much