Hello Happy Hoodie users!

We are making a new video of Happy Hoodie in action and we want YOU, our valued customers, to be a part of it! Submit a video of your greatest challenge, your favorite four-legged friend, or any pet that demonstrates the relief and calming effect Happy Hoodie has on them. We are looking for video with special emphasis on the “before” and “after” effect that Happy Hoodie has. From our own experience, it really is a lot of fun getting it on film!

In appreciation for your time and effort we will send you a complimentary package of Happy Hoodie for your submission. Plus, to add a personal touch to our video and exposure for your company, if we use your video, we will add both your name and your business name to your film clip (unless specified that you prefer we didn’t). We can only offer one package per person regardless of how many submissions, but please know that we are very grateful!


Short videos can be attached to an email for submission. Click here for our email address.  Please send separate short video clips if you have more than one candidate for our video. We consider 1 minute or under to be a short clip.

For longer video clips, we ask that you please limit it to 3 minutes.
If it won’t go through in an email, please send it to us on a DVD or USB memory stick. Our address is:

Zoni Pets, LLC
1318 N. Easy St.
Payson, AZ 85541


Just save your video to your computer (for those who may need advice on where to save your video, saving it to your desktop might be the easiest way to retrieve it). Create a new email to us and select the insert file or attachment option (email programs vary). If you saved your video to your desktop, select desktop and click on your video as the attachment. Please include both your name and company name you want used in your video.
We will keep you updated on our website as to when the final product will be available for viewing. Any help in getting the word out about our efforts is greatly appreciated.

And now our little disclaimer:
Please know that this video will more than likely be played at Pet Tradeshows by attending distributors of Happy Hoodie, posted on YouTube, and used to show the effectiveness of Happy Hoodie in various situations.

Your submission grants us permission to use it in our video. Please do not make a submission if you do not want us to include it. Your submission may be edited (i.e., length, format, etc.), in order to make it usable for our video.

Unfortunately, we may not be able to use all submissions (although we will still send you a free package of Happy Hoodie for sending us your video). All submissions become property of Zoni Pets, LLC and cannot be returned. Video that does not contain content relevant to our request or shows abusive treatment towards animals will not be eligible for a complimentary package of Happy Hoodie. Thank you for your understanding.

We are very excited about putting this new video together and we hope you will be a part of it!

Happy Movie Making!!!

With great appreciation,

Zoni Pets, LLC
Tracy Carmean
Toni Vernetti

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