Made for Groomers by Groomers- Happy Hoodie is the first and only grooming product that calms and protects pets during the force drying process.
Videos provided by Brynn Haynes of Bark N' Bubbles.
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Pets are often scared, upset and disagreeable with the deafening noise and high pressured air associated with force drying. Happy Hoodie MUFFLES THE PAINFULLY LOUD NOISE and keeps the high-pressured air from getting into their ears. Happy Hoodie has an almost IMMEDIATE CALMING EFFECT which greatly IMPROVES BEHAVIOR! A calmer pet makes for a safer environment and saves us A LOT of time and frustration with the drying process. It only takes a few seconds to put on and what a HUGE DIFFERENCE it makes!
Simply place the Happy Hoodie over the pet's head and onto itís neck (see video for use during drying).

Place the ears against the pet's head so air cannot get into them and slide the band back over the top of the head to secure the ears in place.

Adjust the width of the band to best fit the pet by folding over excess material once the band is on.

Remove the Happy Hoodie  to dry the head, ears, and face.

We recommend removing the force dryer nozzle when drying the head, ears, and face to keep the drying experience pleasant for the pet.

Happy Hoodie is great for holding ears and facial
hair up and out of food
and water bowls.
Stressed dog without a Happy Hoodie during force drying in a grooming shop
Calm dog with a Happy Hoodie during force drying in a grooming shop
Calm dog with a Happy Hoodie during force drying in a grooming shop
Pictures posted with permission from T.O.G.S. For Dogs
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Very useful at grooming salons and shows!

Happy Hoodie was made to calm dogs while Force Drying, however; it can also help pets relax under other circumstances that they may find stressful.

For a nervous or difficult dog, Happy Hoodie's calming effect can make a groomer's job so much easier and the pet's experience much more pleasant. Use it on dogs that are touchy on their feet (pads, nails, just touching their precious paws), clipper work, brushing/dematting, nervous just because they are there, you get the idea, right?