"Hoodie does provide a small amount of attenuation (protection), but not until 3150 Hz and above.  Since the bulk of the dryer noise occurs at lower frequencies, the maximum benefit of the Hoodie is not that it provides the dog relief from the low frequency noise but rather, the CALMING EFFECT that it has coupled with the mid-range noise protection. As I see it from our tests the mid-range acoustical protection and the fact that the dog’s head is wrapped is what makes the Hoodie stand out.  Low frequency noise exposure can only cause a hearing loss if it chronic (as in 8 hours per day over many years).  In addition, since the canine hearing threshold is biased more towards the higher frequencies (up to 47 kHz) hearing damage is really not an issue here as far as I can tell. THE DOG BEING FRIGHTENED BY THE AIR AND THE NOISE IS THE ISSUE AND MY TESTS INDICATE THAT THE HOODIE IS, IN FACT THE EASY REMEDY FOR THAT. In short, with the technical acoustical limitation of actual attenuation starting at 3150 Hz and upwards,

Many apologies for this taking so long but I wanted to run various tests on multiple dogs as well as the booth (non-dog) tests to be sure…..now I am and the news is good as I see it!"

Peter M. 'Skip' Scheifele MDr, PhD LCDR USN (Ret.)
The research has proven that Happy Hoodie reduces the noise level
by 5 decibels in situations where the frequency was at 3150 Hz and
as much as 17 decibels at higher frequencies.
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